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The Weekly Topic: Abortion

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1 The Weekly Topic: Abortion on Mon Dec 05, 2011 8:45 pm


Well gentleman, this will be our first topic and as such, I will start with a few ground rules.

1. No personal attacks, or degrading comments against anyone within this thread. We're all friends here, and like to bust many stones, but this place will be for intelligent debate and intelligent debate only.
2. Facts, facts and more facts. Your point can be argued however you like, but facts are the bread and butter of debates. Have facts and cite them.
3. Winning and losing: Each debate will last one week, and at the end of the week all participants will come to a consensus as to who made the most valid points and compelling argument. It's not a competition, but more of an agreed learning zone. But I win.
4. Make it rain.

2 shall we then lads.... on Mon Dec 05, 2011 11:17 pm


up until the end of the 2nd that your a savage. It really desent affect me simply because i dont plan on ever having or being party to an abortion but where this argument inevitably leads is a personal responsibility debate. The more i rove through this country the more i realize that (and im not putting myself on a pedistal) most of the populace of this country is full of simple uninformed and unresponsible people, and for any of those people to bring children into the world as a mistake is an aweful thing, not only for the kid who may not stand a chance, but also for this shit system that says we all have to chip in and pay for yet another fat midwestern baby or another little fella from little jamaica. Thats a slimey thing for me to say. Dani and i didnt intend to have a baby this early but we both also have good jobs, a stable relationship and almost zero debt. Its difficult for us even with those privileges and i dont see how people can continually strain the tax system and natural resources with children they "accidentally" have and then look to others to help pay for them. ex:public schools, welfare. I know this an ugly thought but if two clowns get pregnant and know that they wont do shit to make a positive of the situation then they should be able to walk away from it. What makes that hard to say is that it allows people to take even less responsibility for their mistakes and employ an awful tactic to right the situation to suit their needs. In my mind this boils down to voluntary eugenics. At least there will be more parking spaces for the rest of us because people wont continually churn out children that wont be cared for. If abortion were illegal, then i really think people should be limited to the amount of children they can have. Again, that is an awful statement as it takes a away a basic human right, im a big fan of people having all rights inherent, but, with the system we have in place, exploitation and strain of the system will continue due to irresponsibility and i do not want to have to support these people when they make "mistakes".

3 rolling right along.. on Mon Dec 05, 2011 11:37 pm


Here it comes, personal responsibility. Actually i think its less about forcing people into being responsible than it is about denying them an easy way out... if the get out of jail free card doesn't exist in the first place then i believe that most people would be more wary. As i've brought up before, my roommate and his girlfriend got an abortion last winter, and they're among the last few names on the list of who should never rear children. after it was all said and done, he proceeded to joke about the matter for the next few weeks. Hes spent his entire life making the wrong decisions and not realizing the consequences of his actions. The fact that something like that is so readily available is cause enough for him to believe that the matter is trivial. eventually, if things were to run their course, their "mistake" would be a person, regardless of the stage they decide to put the screws to it. Me, or any of you could have been that person if our parents decided they weren't ready for us. Sure there are circumstances which a child shouldn't be raised, but whose to say that the circumstances it was raised in wouldn't be the crucible which forged a desire to change things, or wouldn't have affected a positive change in at least one other person's life. It's probably wishful thinking but it's akin to the butterfly effect to me. One way or another this worlds gonna run outta room, but i don't think its our place to deny someone entry any more than it is to kill someone whose already here

4 Re: The Weekly Topic: Abortion on Mon Dec 05, 2011 11:56 pm


your absolutely right to say that any one of us could have had the plug pulled, and your also right that any person can grow out of a poor situation, but do you really think that that kid would have been anymore responsible if there wasent a choice....from what i gather, most of these kids you go to school with, live there lives like dogs. They experience a moment and respond to that moments action. Im willing to bet that that kid wouldnt have made any decisions any differently. Im guilty of this way of thinking, "it wont happen to me", however even with contraception, people will continue to have sex unprotected even if abortion is off the table. Believe me i really do think contraception should be readily available to everyone for a cost, and that is what people should be using instead of abortion. The reason i think people will continue to not use contraception is because many people who are in these situations fuck when there drunk. In my whole sex career i have decided in the moment that cummin in the wife was absolutely what was goin to happen. In fact i have a kid that was created during a drunk romp. If people have these encounters and know that it was simply a flesh encounter, then maybe by having an abortion they can do themselves a favor, because they both know that they will not remain together and would only hinder a childs growth, and (as selfish as it is) there own growth.

5 Re: The Weekly Topic: Abortion on Tue Dec 06, 2011 12:32 am


I believe that abortion is wrong on many levels, one you are denying a human life which if someone told me i couldn't live anymore i would be pretty bummed out. Even if the child would be (retarded or any other health aliment) i would still love that child with my whole heart. In my books everybody has a chance at living and experiencing life in their own way and not being denied that.

6 Re: The Weekly Topic: Abortion on Tue Dec 06, 2011 10:58 pm


As you all know my parents were super young when they had me; in high school in fact. When you think about prime candidates for having abortions, my parents would fall right into that category. The fact that i was born and not killed, biases my opinion on the topic. i saw firsthand what it takes to be a parent, and how to provide for your children even though times are tough and the odds are against you. i realize that my parents are in a small number, but i like to look at them as an example of how you can obviously make the best of a situation you didn't plan on. i think abortion is an absolutely barbaric procedure and idea, and the fact that it's still around is obscene. Rape and incest examples that pro-choice people like to make are what bug me the most. that is such a small number in the actual abortions that i am referring to. Those arguments bug me. People are, and will be, irresponsible forever, i just don't think ending the life of a human being is the best means to an end.

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