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Top 5 Instances of idiocy I've been subjected to today

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1Top 5 Instances of idiocy I've been subjected to today Empty Im very suprised.... on Mon Dec 05, 2011 3:50 pm


That you dont care for new seems like shear least you have tons of fodder for amusement....cherish it....i just cleaned baby poop off my finger going to give you my flip video so you can document these creatures


1. My neighbor revving his engine for 3 hours straight.
2.texts from bennett
3. Ignorant black people, unable to function in society.
4. Ignorant Red-Necks, making it impossible to spend more then ten minutes in wal-mart.


1.the people of texas who forget to hit the accelerator on the high way and nearly cause accidents
2.people who spend $400 dolars on flashy cowboy boots
3.people with galon hats
4.more than one mega church per square mile
5.texas hipsters who "dont listen to pop country"


i say daily...lets give each its own thread so we can comment if we are late getting to it


1.fat people with their own tv shows about how fat they are
2.poeple pulling there pants down all the way to pee in a bathroom
4."shape ups" the hair cut that makes you look like a dick with ears civics that have a muffler on it the size of a stove pipe


1) people with lines shaved into their eyebrows
2) people with patterns shaved into their buzz cuts
3) my roommate complaining about getting woken up before 5:00pm
4) when two fat people walk next to each other in a hall way and you cant get around em
5) when i order a sandwich with no peppers or onions and get a sandwich with peppers and onions

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